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We are always looking for new members interested in outdoor adventure, medicine, and personal development.

As this program is joint with Scouts Canada, there are a few screening requirements that need to be met by each member including a police record check, online training, an interview, and an active registration status with Scouts Canada.

There are 2 ways to join:

Youth members: 15-26 years old. Youth will be registered as either a Venturer Scout (15-17) or Rover Scout (18-26)

Scouters: For those 27 and older, or 18-26 but not interested in Rover Scouts, you can join as a Scouter.

Scouters help mentor and guide the youth, through a variety of roles. While many of our Scouters are healthcare professionals or first aid instructors, there are many other skills you can contribute. Scouts Canada provides plenty of resources for new Scouters, so even if you have never been in Scouting before we would really value your contribution.

If you are interested in joining, please e-mail us at

MedVent -Application Package